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 Beliebers Online _________________________________ Justin Bieber has changed the lives of many people, and we wanted others to share their personal stories. Whether it is how Justin got you through a tough time in life, or how you became a Belieber. Share your story with us.
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February 11th, 2012 10:29 AM • 2

Dear Justin,

im writing this so that maybe one day you’ll see that you’ve changed my life and still are changing it now for the better… basically for the past 3years i was going through a difficult time, people were dying, getting ill, there were arguments the list goes on but i started self-harming and the only way i used to stop myself from cutting was by listening to your music and watching interviews with you. i know it sounds stupid but it stopped me, nearly everytime, but i got to a point where i couldn’t take it any longer and i tried to kill myself because i didnt know what else to do. Luckily paramedics took me hospital but the only thing that kept me fighting through all that was going on when i was in hospital was because when i got home i could go in my room and see all my things to do with you, posters,books,dvd’s,cd’s ect.. and thanks to you i recovered! and i am trying very very hard not relapse. I Just Want To Thank You For Saving My Life….without you i wouldnt be here. Becoming a Belieber is the best thing i have ever done. my nieces love you, my mum loves you and my parrot even sings to “baby”. Thankyou for always inspiring me and making me carry on no matter what, because i know that i am worth living and i do have a reason to smile everyday.


Toni Bradley 


February 6th, 2012 14:40 PM

Dear Justin,

Since I first became a Belieber, you’ve had a huge impact on my life. Your songs, your voice..your talent is just amazing. I’ve never supported someone as much as I support you. You’ve inspired millions of people and you’re only seventeen. I love how even though your very famous, you still keep yourself grounded & still have a strong faith with God & Jesus (: You don’t have to dm, RT or follow fans but you do..and that’s incredible. You’re the sweetest person ever and your smile lights up our world. We fangirl over the smallest things that you do, but it’s so worth it.

Thanks for inspiring us Kidrauhl. We’ll never leave your side.

Love- Siebe :)

Twitter: @SquadOfJBiebs x

February 6th, 2012 14:37 PM

Dear Justin,

I want to thank you for being such an inspiration to my life! You have really changed my life for the better. You may not know i exist but I stay positive that you will notice me sooner or later. I keep saying #neversaynever. I cant go a day without listening to your music, my friends may not like you but I tell them to at least respect you for who you are, not what they see! I would do anything in this world to meet you, LITERALLY ANYTHING! But seen as Ireland isnt a place that most celebrities visit my dream is still outstanding. I really hope Justin my dream will come true like yours did.

Love Just another Belieber



February 6th, 2012 14:13 PM

Dear Justin ,

Your amazing really . You’ve changed my life for the greater good. Justin doesnt know im here but my gosh i hope he does ! My parents yell at me , justin got me through it , boyfriend troubles justin got me through it . I get bullied everyday for being a belieber. my best friends tease me and even my boyfriend hates him . My gosh justin never say never is great , i still listen to under the mistletoe and Believe is going to be epic.

But you sat on avon theatre busking for strangers hoping to earn a bit of cash.

you posted the youtube videos thinking that family would only look. next minute 1000000 subscribes

Justin your amazing dont ever change

Love Madeline ;)


February 6th, 2012 14:13 PM

Dear Justin,

I have so much I want to say to you. I don’t have one of those ‘you saved my life’ stories, but you do give me a reason to smile every day, and to carry on smiling. You may not have saved my life, but you’ve changed my life for the better. It might sound cheesy, but I literally can’t go a day without listening to one of your songs, or hearing your voice. It really helps me stay positive throughout the day.

You inspire me each and every day to be the best person I can be and give to charity. Because of you, I believe that, as long as I believe in myself and follow my dreams, they can come true, just like yours did.

I love being a Belieber, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, no matter how much the people at school make fun of me. I would put up with it all forever if it meant that the hate was directed at me rather than you, you don’t deserve it.

You are an amazing person, amazing singer, there will never be another person like you. Your singing really is a great way for you to show your emotions. When you sing Down To Earth, and you cry, you can see the raw emotion that comes in the song, and exactly what it means to you.

Your concert in March 2011 was honestly the best night of my life. I couldn’t believe that you were in the same city as me, let alone the same room. Nearly a year later I can still remember every detail of that night, and the atmosphere you brought.

I would do anything to meet you, even just for a minute. I believe that one day I will get to meet you, no matter how long that might take. Never say never, right? 

I love you♥

Love Danielle

twitter: @HeyThereJBieber

February 6th, 2012 14:12 PM

Dear Justin, 

      I may have not been there since the beginning, but I will be there till the end. In 2010 is when I became a Belieber and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me so far. (By so far I mean the best thing that will happen to me is when I meet You) You may think this is just another letter to you, and thats okay because all I really want is for you to know I will never leave you because you are my insperation. Sure, you heard it once again. “Your my inspiration” “I love you!” but Your music has really helped me through some tough times. When I hear my parents yell at each other and fight over money I just go to my room and turn on you music and it’s like my whole world has come to a stop. If I have had a really bad day You are the first person I come to. (More like Beliebers but hey we are all a Family c: ) I just wanted you to know that You have always been there for me and I will always be there for you no matter what. You are a inspiration to millions and you will always be

 We are a Family♥ Beliebers♥ 

Love, Cellie

Twitter: @iBieberLovato7

Tumblr: www.cellie0428.tumblr.com

February 5th, 2012 20:17 PM

Dear Justin,

I love you. Never, ever forget it. All of your 17+ million fans love you so much! 

You are so inspiring. You followed your dreams. You never gave up. You never said never.

I want you to know that you aren’t just the cutest (almost 18 year old), you are the best singer. You have true talent. It has been amazing watching you grow (literally-haha) as a person and singer. You help others on top of singing. You are a people-pleaser. I think the haters strictly want attention. WHO COULD NOT LIKE YOU?! 

I still remember reading about how you used to get in trouble by being yourself. I think that is interesting (and kinda funny)-I hope that gave you a giggle. Sorry if it didn’t. You were born to sing, play drums, be in the music industry, and be a great guy.

I love it that I can tell you are a Christian. My favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Thank you so much for never giving up. Thank you so much for showing your gratitude for your fans. I am so glad to be apart of your singing journey and to be apart of the 17+ million fans. 

Remember, there are several people that don’t have twitter. So you have way more than 17 million fans. YOU ARE SO LOVED.


P.S. I think you and Selena are just the cutest couple! I don’t know why people would hate on her or you about yalls relationship. Relationships are a part of life. It’s normal.

You are still kidrauhl, and I thank you for that.

My favorite songs of yours is With You (from youtube) and One Less Lonely Girl and Baby. Hopefully one day I will get to meet you, get a picture with you, an autograph, or even a shoutout on twitter.

I love you.

Love in Christ,

Haley Dorn

twitter: hedtennisplayer

February 5th, 2012 19:46 PM • 1

Dear Justin Drew Bieber,

Well, hi I’m Amanda.

Where can I start? You’ve changed my life so much. I know this sounds so cliche, but it’s nothing shy from the truth. When I first heard One Less Lonely Girl on the radio (and the only time), i wasn’t a fan. As soon as baby came along, that’s when I fell. I saw Never Say Never Directors Cut, and I feel even more. I almost got to see you here in Dallas, in July 2010, but we couldn’t afford it. It hurts to look back on it now.

My parents don’t like buying me anything with your name on it, they say it’s just a phase. If i’ve lasted three years as a Belieber, then i’m here to stay. I only own NSN, NSN the remixes, UTM, and First Step To Forever.

But I haven’t touched how you changed my life yet. Around 2 years ago, I started falling into my depression, I didn’t know how or why. As I went into high school it got worse (i’m a sophmore) and the only thing that kept me comforted, was your songs. Crazy, but the truth. Now whenever I want to keep from cutting, or depressing thought, I put your songs on shuffle. My favorite songs to listen to at these times are Never Let You Go, U Smile, Stuck In The Moment and Fa La La. I love you so much, not in love because I don’t know you personally.

But I love you. You are an incredible person, you help make a change and care about us. Thank you. You have made such an immense change in my life. Thank you for following me on twitter.<3 I just want to meet you when you come back here, so I can hug you and thank you in person. 

I feel as if we could be friends, I’m only a year younger than you haha. My friend @alltimejustin and I even have a joke about working for you with these silly jobs, but it’s a dream.

I have so much to say, but don’t know how to. I’m sorry you never get the privacy you deserve. It kills me when I see paparazzi swarming you and you cover your face. I hate when i see fans hating on you on tumblr.

I don’t know what I would do without you, just the other night my ipod got taken away, I was on the verge of a breakdown already, but it hurt not having your music. It’s crazy the hold you have on me.

I get made fun of a lot. It’s even worse for being a Belieber. My best friend doesn’t like you, and calls you names, while I just sit there fighting back defending you. My parents and Uncle love insulting you, they know it bothers me. For the announcements, when they show the birthdays, you singing happy birthday is the song they play. I didn’t recognize it, because they added music behind it, and auto tuned it. Everyone was like YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW. I took it as an insult and compliment. Proves i’m a Belieber to the point that everyone knows it. My mom even made a bet with me so i’d stop talking about you, haha.

It sucks that i’ve never met you. To the point where it hurts when I see you meeting fans. Don’t get me wrong a part of me is happy when you notice and meet fans. But…..another part of me sits there and wonders, when will it be my turn? I’m hoping soon, i’m not the popular girl or lucky. I don’t get noticed by celebrities, and it’s a miracle you followed and RT’d me on twitter. Then a few minutes later, followed me on here, and answered 2 of my questions.

You’ve come to Dallas a lot with Selena, but my parents won’t ever take me. Since I can’t drive yet, I just sit there. It sucks not having parents that support the fact YOU’RE my idol. I’ve never looked up to someone this much. Or loved and cared about someone I’ve never met or know personally. 

All I really ask is that you don’t EVER think your fans will leave you. We’re here till the end. At least I know I am. Don’t overwork yourself because you feel you don’t have our approval. You never fail to impress me, everything you’ve done has lived up to my expectations. I promise you this.

I think that covers everything. Just, thank you Justin. For changing my life, and giving me someone to look up too.

It would be amazing if you could ever see the tweets @alltimejustin and i share. How badly we want to work for you with these simple jobs lol. 

Happy 18th birthday in a month. I hope it’s amazing, and yeah it kills me you’re getting older, but it’s okay. It means you have more experience, and you’re voice will be even raspier and hotter. haha.

Here’s to hoping 2012 is the year I

  • see you in concert
  • hug you
  • get a picture with you
  • meet you
  • tell you this in person

I love you, don’t forget that.





February 5th, 2012 19:27 PM

Dear Justin-

There is no one else in this world that you can be compared to.  You are unique and have made huge impacts on people’s lives.  It’s crazy to think that you were once living in a small town in Canada and not known by a lot of people.  Now over millions of people know who you are.

You inspire me so much, especially every time I watch your movie, Never Say Never.  You teach people of all ages that it is not too late to follow reach your dream if you keep believing.  You are much more than just a singer.  You change the world and help people in need.  You care so much about your fans and don’t let anyone down.  You do everything you can to keep your fans happy, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Whenever I am feeling down, all i have to do is search your name on YouTube.  To know that you are out there helping others and making peoples dreams come true is enough to cheer me up. Thank you for everything you do and making a change to this world.  You are the reason why so many people live a better life.  I hope to see or meet you someday!


Kaitlin Hannon (17 years old)


February 5th, 2012 19:27 PM

Dear Justin,

Hey. Can you believe you are almost 18? Gosh, time flies, huh? Well, I just want to let you know I love you. You inspire me to dream big and you have proved to me that dreams CAN become a reality if I never give up. Wanna know my dream? It’s to sing with you. Yeah, crazy stuff. But I know that because of you, I may have a chance to live it. I don’t want the attention or the popularity from it, I just want a chance to sing with the kid who gave me faith in myself. Just know that no matter, what I’ll be here. I’ve never met you, never seen you in concert, never gotten an autograph, never gotten a picture. But y’know, one time there was this boy from Canada who told me something. Wanna know what he said? Never Say Never. So I won’t. I’ll keep believing in myself and I’ll keep trying to live my dream. So thank you. You have made me a better me.

With love,

Kayla Thompson (@kaylathompsonx on twitter)